Solarplaza Summit | Asset Management Texas


Josh Corbitt

Vice President

Alison Adams

Business Development Manager

Lauryn Bush

Asset Manager

Michael Enger

Director of Energy Market Operations

Janell Hills

Director Workforce Programs

Jeff Wang

BD Manager RE North America

Hilary Lefko


Martin Anderson

Head of Research, USA

Douglas Young

Supervisor Portfolio Management Division

Caitlin Smith

VP, Policy & Corporate Communications

Amanda Bybee


Eric Wright

Senior Research Analyst

Scott Macmurdo

Director Commercial Renewables Sales

Jaime Carlson

Head of Commercialization and Market Risk

David Kezell

Director of Weatherization and Inspection

Keith Rose


Hesston Klenk

Director, State Government Relations

Ornella Nicolacci

Director, Transaction Acceleration Group

Cory Magnuson


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Nicola Belafatti
Project Manager

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[email protected]
Ward Schuuring
Business Developer

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Sabine Dhevaraj
Project Coordinator

For practical questions regarding our activities:

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