Solarplaza Summit | Asset Management Texas

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Michael Eyman

Managing Director

Kelsey Bobrinskoy

Senior Director of O&M Account Management

Reegan Moen

VP of Business Development

Caileen Kateri Gamache


Sally Starnes

Senior Manager Services Business Development

Alex Miltenberg

Sr Market Analyst

Raina Hornaday

Partner and General Manager

Eric Wright

Senior Research Analyst

Chris Stearns

Head of Downstream Business Development

Ben Knowles

Risk & Compliance Portfolio Manager

Dwynne Igau

Renewable Energy Professional

Ian Steele

Senior Vice President

Alison Adams

Business Development Manager

Derek Chase


Michael Enger

Director of Energy Market Operations

Alan Stearns

Senior Vice President

Edwin C. Moses

Managing Director, Project Development

Will Troppe

Director of Product

Steven Lichtin

Vice President of Development

Edwin Koot


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Frannie Flinterman
Project Manager

For questions about the program and content of the event:

[email protected]
Ward Schuuring
Business Developer

For questions regarding partnership opportunities:

[email protected]
Audrey Wolff
Project Coordinator

For practical questions regarding our activities:

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