Solarplaza Summit | Agri-PV

Wednesday 18 September 2024



Welcome Words by Solarplaza


10 min.

Session Topics:

Session 1

Growing and Scaling Agri-PV: A Shared Industry Vision


Opening Keynote: It’s Time To Scale


20 min.

In the coming decade, Agri-PV projects are forecasted to make the jump from megawatt to gigawatt scale globally. Having experienced a far evolution from its beginnings as an innovative idea, the Agri-PV industry now faces its greatest challenge yet: scaling. Join us for this invigorating opening keynote, where the biggest players in the Agri-PV market highlight the opportunities ahead.

Session Topics:
  • Introduction the key blocks crucial for scaling: growing regulation, economic viability, technical advancement, awareness, and acceptance 
  • Best practices on how to optimize Agri-PV project development


From Policy To Practice: How European Guidelines are Shaping Agrivoltaics


15 min.

Session Topics:
  • Policy overview on a European Level & National Level
  • Pinpointing key policies to set the scene for the following discussion


Strategy & Brainstorm: How To Leverage Regulations For Growth


25 min.

Considering the current policies and regulations, this roundtable takes an optimistic perspective. Learn how multiple stakeholders - including developers, investors, and farmers - are interpreting this legislation and making it work for them.

Session Topics:
  • Translating legal updates  into opportunities
  • Ground-up examples that work
  • How we can collaborate to scale Agri-PV
  • CGR Use Cases 


Morning Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 2

Are We Ready To Grow? Market Acceptance


Awareness and Engagement: The Farmer’s perspective


40 min.

Featuring farmers with three distinct profiles at different phases of agri-pv acceptance, this discussion centres on some crucial questions. What does it take for a farmer to engage in agri-PV, and why would they choose to do so? Who do they choose to partner with, and for what purpose and vision? 

Session Topics:


Cultivating Consensus: Boosting Agri-PV Awareness and Acceptance in Europe


40 min.

This roundtable discussion reflects on, and evaluates, the progress and efforts carried out by participating partiers to build trust and create a dialogue with policy makers; support the harmonisation of national frameworks.

Session Topics:


Transformation and Potential: France’s Journey


30 min.

Having grown into the largest agri-PV market of Europe, France, and its journey from innovation tenders to establishing clear regulatory frameworks in 2023, offer invaluable lessons.

Session Topics:


Networking Lunch

Session Topics:

Session 3

The "Green Economy": A Look Into The Technical and Economic Feasibility of Agri-PV


Cost Efficiency: To Grow Locally or Source International Supply Chains


15 min.

Session Topics:


Technological Overview: Getting To Where We Need To Be


45 min.

A future-forward panel that is based on a thought-provoking question intended to tease forth a friendly debate: “If we place ourselves 10 years further into the future of the Agri-PV industry, what is the main technology that can deliver in scale?"


Miguel Herrero


Session Topics:
  • Current and Expected CAGR / LCOEs
    Macro and Microtrends and innovations in Agri-PV, juxtaposed against the potential test of time
  • How do we build on the tech modularity of PV to create competitive agri-PV
  • Introduction of Agriculture and agri tech equipment: water management, sensors, etc… what to expect from an AgriPV system in 15 years?


Afternoon Networking Drinks

Session Topics:

Session 4

Looking Ahead To Work Back: Further Improvements


It’s Not Too Early For Agri-PV: O&M Considerations


35 min.

O&M has the most value when it is incorporated into the earliest design phase. Learn, through a presentation and workshop from leading O&M players, how looking ahead can save you money, now.

Session Topics:


Widening The Playing Field: Agri-PV Added Value


40 min.

Exploring the untapped value of AgriPV, through different perspectives and experiences


Emilien Simonot

Lightsource bp

Audrey Juillac

Fédération Française des Producteurs Agrivoltaiques (FFPA)

Session Topics:
  • How can we value Agri-PV products appropriately? Power and food?
  • Experience so far:
    • AgriPV food products
    • AgriPV PPAs
  • How do we share this value?
  • Where do we see Agri-PV 15 years from now?


Closing Remarks


15 min.

Session Topics:


Networking Drinks & Networking Joint Dinner Agri-PV & Floating PV

Session Topics:

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