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Wednesday 4 October 2023



Registration & Welcome Coffee

30 min.

Session Topics:


The Make-up of Agri-PV


Opening by Solarplaza


15 min.

Dee Yon Chng


Session Topics:


Around the World in Agri-PV: A Research Overview & Best Project Practices


20 min.

An engaging session designed to take attendees on a global journey, exploring the exciting field of Agri-PV (Agriculture-Photovoltaics) and shedding light on the latest research findings and best practices from successful projects Europe and World-wide

Matthew Berwind

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)

Session Topics:
  • The why and urgency of agrivoltaics
  • Towards a clear definition "agrivoltaics"
  • Status of Agri-PV projects in Europe and globally
  • Evolution and technological improvement overview
  • Knowledge and research gaps


Varieties of Agri-PV: Chances and Challenges


20 min.

Agri-PV is as diverse as the farming sector. This diversity provides a great change to the industry, but it also comes with it's own challenges. Designed to translate the research of the previous session into a real world setting, this session bridges the gap between science and industry and approaches the diversities within agri-PV varieties at the detailed project level. It provides insights on the complexity of offering multiple Agri-PV solutions, the need of high internal and external Agri-PV quality standards, and approaches the detailed project level. Find out what main debates, policies and market movements concern leading agri-PV stakeholders.

Stephan Schindele

BayWa r.e.

Session Topics:
  • What the market understands as Agri-PV
  • Types of agri-PV projects - key practical and technical considerations
  • The 5C-Tool to optimize quality of Agri-PV projects development


The Who, What, When of an Agri-PV Project


35 min.

This panel brings to light the perspective and interactions between the diverse stakeholders involved in a basic agri-PV project so that attendees can visualize this multi-actor development pathway.


Matthew Berwind

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)

Alessio Pinzone


Neige Breant


Marco Caminiti


Matteo Demofonti

Valmont Solar

Marco Muscettola

Lexia Avvocati

Session Topics:
  • Critical success factors of key stakeholders in an agri-PV project
  • Dynamics and interrelation of between stakeholders
  • Key parameters for each phase of development
  • Key considerations, needs and risks borne


Morning Networking Break

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Session Topics:


Achieving Harmony between Land, Farm and Sun


Laws of the Land: Legislations and Regulations


20 min.

Rolando Roberto


Session Topics:
  • Summary of the legislative and regulatory improvements in Italy
  • Outcomes of the incentive scheme for "innovative agrivoltaic systems"
  • Open question: Should there be a European standard for Agri-PV systems that will follow harmonized Agri-PV policies in Italy?


One Step Closer to Permitting: Understanding How Agri-pv Works in the Real World


20 min.

Since 2012, photovoltaic plants built on agricultural lands could not benefit from RES incentives. This prohibition has been superseded by way of recent law provisions, many of which implementing PNRR and PNIEC goals, that have introduced a number of simplifications on the permitting. However, the access to incentives and to the simplified procedure for Agri-PV is subject to compliance with the criteria set out by the 2022 Guidelines on Agrivoltaic Installations, as well as with some further agricultural subjective requirements. Let's discuss a little deeper what it's about.

Stefano Lucarini

Tonucci & Partners

Session Topics:
  • The central role of the Guidelines in our system: a short guide to the Guidelines;
  • The need for certainty of the Italian public administration: some practical cases and a proposal for a possible solution;
  • Navigating the relationship with farming activities: corporate & contractual hints.
  • The cultivation issue: a possible way through the conflict between the PAC and Agri-PV for the lands to be cultivated.


Introductory Presentation: Working With the Agricultural Sector


20 min.

To set the scene, this presentation explores how research and information flow to and from the agricultural sector, and gets translated into practice as well as summarizes the perspectives of enterprises towards Agrivoltaic projects.

Marleen Gysen


Session Topics:
  • The importance of translating research into practice in Agri-PV
  • Farmer and landowner perspective of agrivoltaics
  • Key learnings from the Boerenbond discovery road trip across Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands


Farmers and Developers: a Roundtable Dialogue on Expectations and Working Together


30 min.

A roundtable discussion featuring different farmer and landowner perspectives across regional Europe, alongside key stakeholders from the EPC/ construction field to engage in a thoughtful dialogue.


Marleen Gysen


Elena Rasheva

Evklips Energy

Audrey Juillac

Fédération Française des Producteurs Agrivoltaiques (FFPA)

Camille Oliveau

TSE Energy

Francesco Gerevini

APIS Consulting

Andrea Colantoni

University of Tuscia

Session Topics:
  • Methods of Policy and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Different farmer perspectives, their specific requirements and pain points
  • Case study examples and challenges
  • Can the electrificiation of the agricultural sector save some of its dependency issues on oil and gas


Networking Lunch

Mingle with the mixed crowd of local and international stakeholders, developers, service providers, investors, and more!

Session Topics:


Delving into the practical and the technical


RWE’s Agri-PV demonstration plant at Garzweiler Mine


20 min.

This is the first session of four, that will present a technical deep-dive by analyzing three types of Agrivoltaic models.

Fabian Neu


Marco Mazzi


Session Topics:
  • RWE’s Agri-PV demonstration plant on recultivated land at Garzweiler Mine
  • Three innovative technical solutions
  • Land revitalization, soil health and biodiversity
  • Agrivoltaics as an enhancement of regenerative agriculture


A Case Study on Arable Farming Agri-PV Models


20 min.

Sascha Krause-Tünker


Session Topics:
  • Crop-specific considerations
  • Studying the impacts of shading, microclimate changes, and solar radiation on crop growth and yield
  • Optimal design and configuration
  • Specialty crop production"


Maximizing Yields and Agri-PV System Performances


20 min.

Noam Schwartz


Session Topics:
  • The importance of MLPE and related safety features


How can Technology Support Agri-PV Growth: Best Practices & A Better Business Case


35 min.


Valeria Viti


Constantin Klyk

Zimmermann PV-Steel-Group

Miguel Herrero


Alessandro Migliorini

European Energy A/S

Fabian Neu


Session Topics:
  • Balancing efficiency, accuracy, and quality of design and engineering processes throughout the lifecycle of a project
  • How to manage uncertainty and risk in the Agri-PV and agricultural simulations
  • Best Practice and Sustainable Agrisolar Guidelines
  • Case studies and pilot projects
  • Points for technical and design improvement
  • Technology and knowledge gaps


Afternoon Networking Break

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Session Topics:


Making Agri-PV Resilient and Future-Proof: Opportunities, Visions and Inspiration


Sow Me the Money: Yielding Maximum Results in Agri-PV


20 min.

Online presentation

Miriam Di Blasi

Enel Green Power

Session Topics:
  • Optimization (what factors underpin achieving maximum results) and end responsibility
  • Optimizing savings: water, cost
  • Optimizing yield: crop rotation, soil health
  • Considering different weather conditions
  • Modelling


Exploring the Scalability of Agri-PV Across Europe


40 min.


Dee Yon Chng


Jean-Charles Arrago

Eiffel Investment Group

Jiří Bím

Czech Solar Association (Solární Asociace)

Emilien Simonot

Lightsource bp

Jonathan Rotenberg

Olympia Engineering

Tomasz Poskier


Session Topics:
  • Assessing the economic feasibility and market potential of agrivoltaics in Europe
  • Understanding the challenges, and opportunities to drive the adoption of agrivoltaics at a larger scale
  • Identifying business models that can drive large-scale market adoption
  • Principles and best practices for scalability


Conference Wrap-up

10 min.

Dee Yon Chng


Session Topics:
  • Key Lessons learned
  • Closing Quiz Game
  • Explanation for the Networking Event


Closing Networking Drinks

Grab a soft drink, glass of wine, or a nice cold beer, and discuss the shining solar ambitions for the coming year!

Session Topics:

Networking Event

Enjoy the ultimate cocktail of innovation and networking at our exclusive mixer this year. We're bringing together the vibrant community of attendees from both our innovation-focused solar events, merging the Networking Events from our Agri-PV and Floating-PV summits. Benefit from the knowledge and inspiration that your solar colleagues from the floating arena gained throughout the day and learn about the similarities and potential synergies between these two novel PV applications. Don't miss out on this opportunity to maximize your experience and expand your professional network in an informal way.

Session Topics:

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