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A Fireproof Business

28 Jan. 2021 by Solarif & Solarplaza

The amount of fires in which PV installations were involved has steadily increased over recent years. Fires can erupt within a PV installation, as with any other electrical installations in and around a building.

For any kind of electrical installation, the same basic principle applies: the more there are of them, the higher the risks of fire are. Therefore, with the steady increase of PV installations on roofs, the risks of fires have been increasing for insurers.

This white paper has been compiled with Solarif to provide insights and directions to project developers, installers, roofers, and (future) owners of PV installations, as they determine their ‘Plan of Approach’


White Paper

A Fireproof Business

Author: Solarif Group
Date: 28 January 2021



White Paper

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