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9 July 2024


Exploring the Future of European Electricity Prices

Join the New Solarplaza Summit to Get a Grasp on A Power Market in Flux

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 27 November 2024 - Solarplaza is excited to announce the Solarplaza Summit - Future Electricity Price Europe, taking place on 27 November 2024 at the KIT in Amsterdam. This full-day conference will convene industry leaders to delve into the key drivers and developments impacting European electricity prices over the coming decade.

In an era marked by unprecedented volatility in energy markets, understanding the factors influencing electricity prices has never been more critical. In a market without subsidies, the volatility and uncertainties around power prices present both challenges and opportunities for the business cases of solar PV plants. It is crucial for developers, investors, asset owners, and financiers to understand the factors impacting their business cases. Recent records, such as Germany's highest and lowest hourly electricity prices within the same year, underscore the market's instability. This volatility arises from a confluence of factors and is not only related to the accelerating adoption of renewable energy sources.

The increasing share of intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind, significantly impacts price stability due to their variable nature. Other impacting factors are the sustained growth in power demand driven by electrification in general and e-mobility in particular, the growth of energy storage, new grid investments, interconnection and flexibility developments, and the phase-out of coal and uncertainties around nuclear asset growth. Additionally, regulatory changes and market design innovations are reshaping the energy landscape. Geopolitical events and energy policies directly influence the natural gas market, a key player in Europe’s energy mix. The future of natural gas, alongside the development of a more integrated European power market, will be pivotal in shaping electricity prices. Understanding these dynamics is essential for stakeholders to navigate the evolving energy landscape effectively.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Gain a deep understanding of the factors impacting electricity prices and the future market outlook.
  • Thought Leadership: Engage with a unique platform of thought leaders and experts sharing their vision and power price outlook, including an expert advisory board featuring the likes of Gerard Reid (Co-Founder - Alexa Capital), Paul Nilessen (Partner - PWC), Tobias Kurt (GM - Brain Pool), and Sylvain Cognet-Dauphin (Sr Researcher - S&P)
  • Business Impact: Discover insights that will significantly influence business models for renewable energy asset owners, developers, and investors.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with investors, financiers, energy utilities, developers, IPPs, renewable energy asset owners, energy traders, TSOs, and DSOs.
  • Strategic Tools: Acquire practical tools and strategies to navigate the evolving energy landscape.

Why Attend?  The Solarplaza Summit - Future Electricity Price Europe is essential for stakeholders seeking to understand and anticipate power price volatility impacting new investments in (renewable) energy assets in Europe. The event will cover critical topics such as the impact of intermittent renewable energy sources, energy storage, and grid flexibility developments, the sustained growth in power demand driven by the electrification of transport, and the phase-out of coal and nuclear assets.

About Solarplaza 
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Solarplaza Summit Future Electricity Price Europe
27 November 2024 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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