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8 May 2024


Strategies for Growing Spain’s Storage Capacity to 20 GW by 2050

Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Spain to explore the next steps for the Spanish storage market

ROTTERDAM - 29 April 2024 - As a part of its roadmap towards realizing a 100% renewable electricity system by 2050, Spain has set an ambitious goal of achieving 20 GW of large-scale energy storage capacity within that time frame. The Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Spain returns to Madrid to provide a high-level platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and strategic discussions on how to shape and push Spain’s emerging energy storage market. 

This second edition of the Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Spain is being prepared just as Spain’s energy storage market is making a significant leap forward. The Spanish government has recently allocated €150 million to catalyze energy storage projects linked to renewable installations, an initiative that demonstrates a strong commitment to fostering sector growth through financial incentives. This funding is pivotal in accelerating the adoption of advanced energy storage solutions that can effectively store surplus energy for later use, enhancing the reliability and stability of the power grid.

Hosted at Espacio KOI, a venue well-known for its commitment to sustainability and efficiency, this conference is set to explore various crucial topics at the heart of energy storage innovation and deployment. These include grid integration techniques that ensure energy storage systems work seamlessly with existing power infrastructure, innovative business models that are reshaping how energy markets operate, and new revenue streams that are emerging from the energy transition.

In addition to discussing capacity and flexibility in energy markets, the conference will delve into the legislative frameworks and investment strategies that support energy storage technology. The role of technological advancement in project building will also be a focal point, showcasing how cutting-edge solutions are being implemented to meet Spain's energy needs.

The program is designed to be highly interactive and engaging, moving beyond traditional presentations to include gamified learning experiences and networking opportunities. A large emphasis is put on forging connections, as the event unites key decision makers that represent project developers, asset owners, investors, service providers, and product suppliers from both the established solar PV industry and the rapidly growing energy storage segment, hailing from the local market as well as abroad. 

The Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Spain, hosted in Madrid on the 24th of October 2024, will represent a prime opportunity to lead in the energy storage space, driven by favorable policies, technological advancements, and substantial market potential. 

Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Spain
24 October 2024 - Madrid, Spain
Tickets: Early Bird € 895, Regular Ticket € 995, Late Bird € 1095
Networking Event: € 125
Press contact: [email protected]
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