Press Release

3 May 2024


Scaling up Energy Storage to Recharge Germany’s Energiewende

Returning Solarplaza Summit to explore the next phase of large-scale storage growth in Germany

ROTTERDAM - 3 May 2024 - Energy storage will play a crucial role in maintaining the pace of Germany’s green energy transition. Pushed by increasingly favorable market conditions and finally backed up by improving government policy, large-scale storage buildout is set to ramp up rapidly in the coming years. The Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Germany, taking place on 10 December in Cologne, will unite industry players and market experts to strategize and explore how large-scale battery storage systems will revolutionize Germany's energy landscape.

With renewable energy sources like solar and wind on the rise, safeguarding grid stability has become a crucial challenge. Large-scale battery storage systems help address supply fluctuations and integrate renewables efficiently, while also reducing the need for new gas-fired plants. With new legislation pushing Germany towards covering 80% of its electricity consumption with renewables by 2030, demand for energy storage is surging. 

Initially driven mostly by residential storage systems, the country’s storage market is now showing signs of scaling up. Though regulatory challenges remain, recent initiatives like the government’s newly-introduced electricity storage strategy signal support for large-scale deployment. Forecasts indicate a rapid increase in battery storage capacity, with the German regulator and transmission system operators projecting 24 GW of utility-scale energy storage to be integrated into the grid by 2037. Market research firm Frontier Energy has estimated the economic opportunity of large-scale battery storage as vast as generating at least €12 billion of additional economic value by 2050. 

The second edition of the Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Germany will again focus on Germany’s dynamically growing storage market and both its challenges and abundant opportunities. The high-level event will allow energy professionals to gain insights from both local and international project developers through real-world case studies and current business models. Experts on stage will discuss financing opportunities, revenue streams for battery energy storage systems (BESS), and the latest technological advancements. Moreover, the event will have a large focus on networking opportunities, connecting industry leaders, policymakers, and experts from both the renewable energy generation and energy storage segments to discuss strategies for accelerating storage deployment and driving the transition to a sustainable energy future. For those eager to get a headstart on the networking, a special Christmas market-themed networking event, true to the season and local traditions, will take place on the evening before the event, on December 9th. 

Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Germany
10 December 2024 - Cologne, Germany
Tickets: Late Bird € 1295, Regular Ticket € 1195, Early Bird € 1095, Very Early Bird € 995
Networking Christmas Market: €150
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