28 March 2024


Legislation Market Overview Solar PV Financing Romania

Renewable Romania: A Recap of Solarplaza Summit Romania's 2023 Edition

As we gear up for the the 3rd edition of our Solarplaza Summit Romania 2024, take in the crucial keynote messages of the 2023 edition and preruse the information shared by our top 3 highest rated speakers. 

Keynote speaker Irene Mihai, RPIA's policy officer, painted a sunny picture of the country's solar journey thus far, highlighting the available opportunities as utility-scale capacity is projected to reach 6 GW by 2023. 

 Oana Ijdelea from Ijdelea & Associates provided a clear picture of the road ahead with practical notes on how to proceed.

Finally, Mihaela Mihailescu, Romanian deputy head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), highlighted the upcoming rounds of Contracts for Difference (CFDs), with a planned capacity of 10 GW for eligible technologies like solar PV and onshore wind.

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