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26 March 2024


Agrivoltaics Europe France

Tools to Nurture Europe’s Flourishing Agrivoltaic Segment

Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV to take stock of the innovative sector’s growth potential

ROTTERDAM - 26 March 2024 - As the enormous potential of agrivoltaic applications is increasingly being demonstrated by successful projects and backed by regulatory support in an increasing number of EU countries, the European Agri-PV segment is set to grow significantly. The third Solarplaza Summit agri-PV Europe will unite PV professionals, sector experts, and investors for a day of learning, inspiration, and networking in agri-PV hub France, on the 18th of September.

The potential of agrivoltaics - the visionary solution that couples agriculture with solar energy production - is enormous. The EU's renewable energy targets prescribe a monumental 710 GW of additional installed renewable energy generation capacity by 2030. With land available to conventional large-scale solar development becoming more scarce, dual-land-use solutions are providing a much-needed alternative. Covering just 1% of Europe’s utilized agricultural area with Agri-PV systems would amount to over 900 GW of additional solar generation capacity, and could thus cover the EU’s entire renewable energy needs.

In the coming decades, Agri-PV projects are forecasted to make the jump from the megawatt to gigawatt scale globally. The European Union is at the forefront of this movement, with 14 member states drafting support of solar PV through their Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plans. This underpins the thematic focus of the event: scaling.

After two successful editions of the Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV Europe in the Netherlands and Italy, the spotlight will turn to France this year, a nation that not only hosts this pivotal summit but also tells a story of transformation and potential. Now the largest agri-PV market in Europe, France’s journey from innovation tenders to establishing clear regulatory frameworks in 2023, offers invaluable lessons.

Hosted back-to-back with the Solarplaza Summit Floating PV Europe (on 19 September), this conference stands as a beacon for the future. The innovative program critically appraises the challenges and opportunities involved in the growth trajectory of agri-PV. On and off stage, industry experts will jointly navigate the impact of the lack of standardized regulations, gain insights from associations and policymakers pushing for market awareness and acceptance, and immerse themselves in the latest global market insights, technological breakthroughs, key European regulations, and integrative case studies at the heart of agri-PV evolution.

Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV Europe
18 September 2024 - Paris, France
Tickets: €1,195 (Late Bird) / €1,095 (Regular) / €995 (Early Bird) / €895 (Very Early Bird)
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