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Long Duration Energy Storage: Market Overview & Technological Potential

with Edwin Koot as moderator (Solarplaza) , Henrique Ribeiro (S&P Global) , Jon Norman (Hydrostor)

As renewable energy sources are gaining popularity, grid congestion emerges as a critical challenge. The imbalance between energy demand and supply often forces a fallback on fossil fuels to bridge this gap. However, as the urgency for decarbonization grows, the need for alternative solutions becomes pressing. Energy storage has presented itself as a key player in the transition to a renewable energy future. While lithium-ion batteries are a commonly used storage solution, their short-term storage capacity falls short. 

This webinar was held in April 2024, but the recordings are still available!

Long-duration energy storage (LDES), spanning thermal, electrochemical, mechanical, or electrochemical storage, emerges as a promising solution for shifting energy over extended periods. LDES unlocks opportunities not addressed by shorter-duration alternatives, such as increasing renewable energy shares in the energy supply, reinforcing grid resilience in remote areas, and enabling cost-efficient 24/7 renewable power purchase agreements.  

Join us for an insightful webinar where industry experts delve into long-duration storage capabilities and applications. Through real-world case studies and discussions, we will explore the role of long-duration energy storage in paving the way toward a more resilient and efficient energy infrastructure.

Edwin Koot



Henrique Ribeiro

Principal Analyst, Batteries & Energy Storage

Jon Norman


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