Taxation Framework Project Development Poland

How to Finance a RES Project in Poland in the Most Tax Effective Way?

with Sławomir Patejuk (Nexia Advicero)

As renewable energy projects surge in Poland, understanding the tax implications becomes crucial for investors. In this session, Slawomir Patejuk from Nexia Advicero will delve into the intricacies of taxation, exploring key burdens impacting project profitability and strategies for maximizing tax efficiency.

We'll discuss the local Polish real estate tax and its implications, particularly focusing on the forthcoming revolution in taxation set for 2025. Additionally, we'll uncover effective financing methods for RES projects, considering how financial costs influence tax shields.

Furthermore, we'll examine the taxation of profit distributions and exit processes, providing insights into appropriate tax measures for investors. The webinar will also shed light on the taxation framework surrounding energy storage systems, offering essential considerations for integrating storage solutions into renewable energy projects.

Concluding with essential do's and don'ts for investors navigating Poland's tax landscape, this webinar promises to equip attendees with actionable insights to enhance project profitability and mitigate risks. Register now to secure your spot and gain expert guidance from Nexia Advicero on navigating Poland's renewable energy taxation landscape effectively!

Sławomir Patejuk


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