Power-to-Heat Power-to-Heat Solar PV

Renewable Power-to-Heat: Overview of Technology & Market Potential

with Edwin Koot as moderator (Solarplaza) , Arina Anisie (International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)) , Guy Winstanley (Caldera)

In a world where energy demands are skyrocketing and geopolitical conflicts, such as those between Russia and Ukraine, are disrupting the flow of natural gas into Europe, the need to reevaluate our energy sources has never been more pressing. As uncertainties loom over traditional fuel supplies, it's time to turn our attention to sustainable heat solutions, known as the Power-to-Heat (P2H). With this technology, excess energy from the grid can be converted into heat through heat pumps or electrode boilers.

P2H technologies not only reduce the use of fossil fuels, but can also help with grid stabilization. In fact, P2H conversion can be especially useful for volatile energy production, as is typical for many renewable energy sources, including solar energy.

Join us for a webinar where experts will share their insights on Power-to-Heat solutions and on harnessing its full potential. IRENA will provide insights into the general market developments, and the size and scope of the various technologies' potential, while the speaker from Caldera will showcase their company's practical solutions, technology and experience in this field.

Edwin Koot



Arina Anisie

Analyst - Renewable Energy Innovation

Guy Winstanley


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