Operations & Maintenance Asset Management Utility-scale North America

Navigating O&M Challenges for Utilities and Offtakers

with James Nagel as moderator (HelioVolta (Solar Grade)) , Stephen Branscum (Walmart) , Zack Townsend (Luminace)

Join our webinar to delve into the complexities of integrating and standardizing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) practices for solar assets. Discover effective strategies for comprehensive evaluations of PV fleet health that go beyond performance metrics with on-the-ground fieldwork that gathers crucial data. Navigate the challenges of managing data as systems age and ownership transitions occur.

Gain valuable insights into the significant obstacles of insourcing O&M, which include finding, attracting, training, and retaining top-tier, trustworthy technicians. 

Engaging in this webinar offers companies like yours a unique opportunity to gain insights and engage with industry experts - join us on March 6 at 9am PT and transform your approach to solar asset management to ensure sustainable long-term efficiency and success.

James Nagel

COO and Co-founder


Stephen Branscum

Senior Project Manager, Energy Efficiency

Zack Townsend

Director | DG Optimization

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