White Paper

13 February 2024


Licensing Solar PV Permitting Romania

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Developing Solar in Romania. Quo Vadis?


This decade will prove crucial for the Romanian energy transition. The already-existing strain resulting from the European Union’s ambitions concerning zero carbon targets - the first ones set for 2030 and additional ones by 2050 - has been intensified by the global energy crisis and growing concerns over climate change. Therefore, a swift and profound change to the rhythm of developing the Renewable Energy Source (RES) value chain has been recognized as being of essential importance, and has now correspondingly been provided for in the government’s ‘RED III Directive’. 

The biggest particular challenge of the clean energy transition is the decarbonization of the electricity sector, which is currently responsible for generating over two-thirds of all global emissions.  

The paramount importance of accelerated and straightforward permitting of RES projects and related infrastructure has also been recognized as a key enabler for the achievement of the ‘Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge’ targets entered into by participants at COP28 Dubai, including Romania.  

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