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7 February 2024


Solar PV Operations & Maintenance Asset Management Europe

Effectively Managing and Enhancing Blended European PV Portfolios

The platform for knowledge and network sharing around strategic, financial & technical solar asset management moves to Prague

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 17 JANUARY 2024 - Following up on another record year of growth, the European solar industry is projected to add another 62 GW of new PV capacity in 2024, with a larger share of utility-scale installations expected among them. The Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe, taking place in Prague this October, provides the trusted key platform for discussing pan-European market developments. Experts will highlight policy changes, market trends, and best practices for effectively managing the growing and diverse European portfolios of fresh, mature, and aging solar PV assets.   

2023 was a record year for the European solar industry, with 56 GW of new solar additions expanding the total PV capacity base towards 263 GW. Even though solar costs were temporarily challenged by supply chain disruptions and post-COVID consequences, the European solar PV sector managed to remain the most competitive energy segment and continued to dominate new power generation installations. 

The prospects for 2024 are promising. Price declines suggest a return to pre-crisis levels. Moreover, technological advancements, enhanced storage capabilities, decentralized systems, supportive policies, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) are set to propel the industry toward enhanced sustainability and widespread adoption. With an 11% swell of the market growth, the market growth curve might flatten somewhat but with 62 GW of new capacity projected, the industry is set for another record year. Especially in the large-scale ground-mounted segment, much growth is expected, as lower solar product prices are expected to help project developers manage the inflationary environment with high interest rates. 

The 12th edition of the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe - hosted in Prague for a fresh change of scenery - will allow PV professionals to engage with fellow asset owners, service providers, and emerging players shaping the European solar market. Delve into conversations surrounding the latest EU regulations, investor trends, innovative revenue models, the dynamic landscape of energy infrastructure, and cutting-edge technologies for optimized operations and maintenance (O&M). Join this renowned conference to connect, share insights, and stay at the forefront of developments in the ever-evolving solar asset management sector.

This interactive event will feature inspiring sessions and engaging workshops, providing tangible examples and tools to optimize assets and leverage solar's versatility through novel and value-adding applications.

Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe
15-16 October 2024 - Prague, Czech Republic
International Tickets: €1,695 (Late Bird) / €1,595 (Regular) / €1,495 (Early Bird) / €1,395 (Very Early Bird)
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