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How will AI Impact the Solar Industry?

with David Moser (Eurac Research) , Leon Overweel (Dexter Energy) , Wahbe Rezek (Future Focus) , Edwin Koot (Solarplaza)

When and how will AI live up to the hype and become an impactful disruptor?

On Thursday 22 February, Solarplaza will organize the webinar “How will AI impact the solar industry?”. During this interactive session, three speakers will relay their experiences with artificial intelligence in a solar PV industry context and share their views on the future potential of instrumentalizing AI in solar.

With all the recent hype about AI, it can be difficult to poke through the buzz to get a realistic picture and distinguish between future promises and present-day applicability. No one doubts the potential of AI, but how soon and in what ways will AI move beyond the hype and start truly disrupting solar industry dynamics and market developments? Or is it perhaps already way more embedded in the industry than many might realize? 

AI can optimize various facets of the PV industry, from improving the efficiency of photovoltaic systems to streamlining maintenance processes. Machine learning algorithms can analyze vast datasets to predict energy production patterns, enabling better grid integration and energy management. Furthermore, AI-driven innovations may reduce operational costs, enhance fault detection, and accelerate the development of advanced solar technologies. Embracing AI in solar promises to revolutionize energy production, storage, and distribution, fostering a more resilient and efficient future for the solar energy sector.

David Moser

Research Group Leader

Leon Overweel

Tech Lead, Solar Forecasting

Wahbe Rezek

AI & ChatGPT consultant

Edwin Koot


How might AI impact existing products and services in our industry? Will it lead to new jobs, or lead to job reductions? Will it impact existing business models positively? What are the risks and opportunities in both the short-term and long-term? These topics and more will be highlighted at this focused webinar, which will empower high-level knowledge sharing and networking. As we know this domain raises many burning questions from the professionals in our network, this webinar will offer ample room for discussion and questions from the audience.

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