Grid congestion Hybrid Systems Storage Baltics

How Hybrid, Storage-enhanced Renewables Can Reinforce the Baltic Grid

with Rytis Kėvelaitis as moderator (Energy Unlimited) , Jonas Vaišnys (Evecon) , Paulius Zapolskis (TGS Baltic) , Andrius Karazinas (Lithuanian Solar Energy Association (LSEA))

Navigating the surge of Hybrid Solar-Wind projects, empowered by energy Storage and conquering Grid congestion

Join us for this webinar focused on the Baltic energy transition. As renewable energy sources are rapidly being deployed in the Baltic region, its power grid is facing increasing strain due to the intermittent nature of solar and wind. Hybrid renewables solutions, especially when coupled with energy storage capacity, will be crucial elements to easing grid congestion, making the power system more resilient and allowing for further build-out of renewable energy generation sources.

The experts presenting during this webinar will share insights into the legal and regulatory framework surrounding hybrid renewables, and will share concrete project development experiences that will benefit professionals active, or looking to get started, in the emerging solar markets of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.

Rytis Kėvelaitis



Jonas Vaišnys

Project Development Manager

Paulius Zapolskis

Head of Energy Industry Group

Andrius Karazinas


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