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29 November 2023


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Connecting Solar to the Soon-to-be-independent Baltic Power Grids

Returning event helps plot the path toward vibrant regional solar markets in the Baltics

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 24 NOVEMBER 2023 - The Solarplaza Summit Baltics will, for the second time, unite local and international solar PV professionals invested in the budding solar markets of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The one-day event will cover the major challenges and opportunities related to solar development in the Baltic region and will facilitate connections between the local companies that know their market best and international players that bring a wealth of experience from abroad. 

The Baltic markets tread a different path from many other emerging European solar markets and are defined by their own unique set of circumstances, which also strongly relate to their particular geopolitical and geographical positioning. Though, traditionally, the power mix of the Baltics has been dominated by fossil fuels, all three countries have set ambitious goals for renewable energy consumption and generation.

Notably, the energy sector is undergoing a major reform as the Baltic States work towards synchronizing their electricity grid with continental Europe networks, disconnecting from the Russian IPS/UPS system by 2025. This significant €1.4 billion project is a collaborative effort by Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian transmission system operators. And while large utility-scale projects may not define the Baltics as much as other countries, a vibrant self-consumption market does thrive here. Progress over the course of 2023 has been remarkable, as - according to IRENA - Lithuania has added 568 MW of new solar capacity, while Latvia connected 535 MW. Latvia is trailing by a considerable distance, though, having added 54 MW.

The region does, however, also face a number of challenges, which will be thoroughly put under the loop at the summit. These challenges include limitations in the countries’ grid capacities, as well as land availability. Though regulatory issues have traditionally also limited these solar markets, big strides are being made by their respective governments to lift those barriers. In the case of Estonia, this has also gone hand-in-hand with the facilitation of renewable energy tenders.

Navigating this regional market effectively demands expert guidance and local partnerships. The Solarplaza Summit Baltics gathers high-level local and international players, including project developers, asset owners, and investors, and offers a valuable networking platform where key decision-makers discuss strategies and new business opportunities.

Solarplaza Summit Baltics
14 March 2024 - Vilnius
Tickets: €1095 international, €695 local (Late Bird) / €995 international, €595 local (Regular) / €895 international, €495 local (Early Bird) / €795 international, €395 local (Very Early Bird)
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