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21 November 2023


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The Roadmap to 9 GW of Dutch Energy Storage Capacity by 2030

Returning summit to dissect, connect, and stimulate the Dutch energy storage market

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 10 NOVEMBER 2023 - Solarplaza has announced the third edition of the Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage The Netherlands. Renowned as the leading storage event in the country, this summit provides a unique opportunity to connect with local and European leaders in both the energy storage and PV sectors, while gaining the latest insights and updates on the expanding Dutch energy storage market.

In 2022, The Netherlands witnessed an astounding twenty percent year-on-year increase in electricity production from renewable sources, marking a significant milestone. A remarkable forty percent of the Netherlands' total electricity production now comes from renewable sources, up from thirty-three percent in 2021. However, this remarkable growth in renewable energy production has overstretched the grid's capacity, leading to grid congestion issues and, ultimately, energy curtailment. Coupling renewables with energy storage capacity remains the leading solution to mitigate these challenges, offering enhanced flexibility and energy security for operators and users alike. Moreover, it presents new revenue streams and innovative business models for project developers aiming to bolster their portfolios.

Dutch Transmission Service Operator (TSO) TenneT has projected that The Netherlands will need to have at least 9 GW of large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) capacity connected to its grid by 2030 to secure uninterrupted and reliable grid operations. The Dutch storage market, however, has long been limited by regulatory hurdles, leading to criticism of the government by both developers and utilities. Acknowledging and underlining the critical nature of the grid capacity issues, the government has announced new, urgent measures to ensure sufficient space on the Dutch power grid. These measures relate to shortening legal procedures and licensing for grid expansions and reinforcements, but also flexibility tenders (from 2024 onwards) for which battery operators will be eligible, as well as subsidies for energy hubs.

The Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage The Netherlands will delve into essential topics such as managing price volatility and financing battery storage systems and will present compelling case studies of active projects. Project developers, financiers, and product and service providers will be presented with a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies available in the market, insights into supply chain expectations, guidance on profitable business models, investment opportunities, an update on Dutch regulations, and much more. Join this essential event on 7 February 2024 to ensure you have the knowledge and connections needed to navigate the future of energy storage in the Netherlands in this era of unprecedented renewable energy growth.

Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage The Netherlands
7 February 2024 - Amsterdam
Tickets: €1,095 (Late Bird) / €995 (Regular) / €895 (Very Early Bird)
Press contact: [email protected]
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