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16 November 2023


Solar PV Storage Utility-scale Sweden

The Case for Coupling Solar & Storage to Scale Swedish Renewables

New event highlights the business opportunities associated with accelerating Sweden’s energy transition

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 10 NOVEMBER 2023 - At the 1st edition of the Solarplaza Summit Sweden & Energy Storage - hosted on 21 March 2024 in Stockholm - industry professionals will convene to gain the critical knowledge and connections necessary to tap into the true potential of the Swedish PV market. Having reached gigawatt market status already in 2022, the Swedish solar market is on a solid growth trajectory. Like many markets in Europe, however, it will have to look towards integrating energy storage in parallel to building out its solar fleet, to mitigate grid capacity limitations.

Having hosted multiple editions of their long-running, regional Nordics event in Stockholm, Solarplaza will for the first time organize a summit fully dedicated to the Swedish solar market, with a particular focus on the opportunities for large-scale energy storage. Having installed about 1 GW of new solar PV capacity in 2022, and having been forecasted to add another 5 GW of PV systems between 2023 and 2025, the Swedish solar market is reaching serious scale. The country is attracting an inflow of project development activity around utility-scale projects and is a go-to-market for foreign IPPs, project developers, and asset managers. The vibrant Swedish PPA landscape is even setting an example for other Nordic markets. 

However, challenges such as complex permitting schemes and a saturated grid capacity remain obstacles that new market players must navigate to successfully roll out new projects. Installed capacity is forecasted to steadily increase from 2022 to 2035, at which point solar PV is expected to account for 13% of total installed generation capacity, making Sweden a preferred destination for the leading European PV companies. But for the grid to be able to take this influx of variable renewable energy generation, energy storage will need to be a crucial component of the growth of the Swedish renewable energy market. 

The event will outline the legislative landscape for project development in Sweden, paying particular attention to project financing, PPAs, the various income streams for storage projects, and the business model for grid-scale batteries applied to utility-scale projects. The expected crowd features a balanced split between high-level local industry players and internationally experienced foreign experts, making for an invaluable networking pool, with key decision-makers willing to discuss and explore strategies and new business opportunities.

Solarplaza Summit Sweden & Energy Storage
21 March 2024 - Stockholm
Tickets: €1,195 (Late Bird) / €1,095 (Regular) / €995 (Early Bird) / €895 (Very Early Bird)
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