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24 October 2023


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Solar Goes Polar: Finland’s Budding PV Market is Heating Up

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 23 October 2023 -  As the economic viability of solar deployment seems to stretch to every corner of the globe, the inaugural Solarplaza Summit Finland - hosted on 7 December in Helsinki - turns its gaze northward to highlight the rise of the Finnish PV market. This new, half-day event will bring together local and international developers, independent power producers (IPPs), and investors eager to master Finland's permitting regulations while exploring strategies to enhance their development pipelines in this burgeoning market. 

Though new to Finland, Solarplaza has been active in the Nordics for many years already. Exploring the Danish market as early as 2013, the international event organizer has hosted numerous events in Denmark and Sweden with both a local and regional focus on the Nordic markets. In earlier editions of these regional Nordics events, Finland’s outlook seemed to be dwarfed by those of its neighbors. This has started to change, however, as the Finnish solar industry is gearing up for a big solar push, which has caused a palpable buzz in the region.  

Historically, Finland's PV market focused on small off-grid systems. From 2010 onwards, grid-connected PV systems started to gain the upper hand, though the landscape was dominated by plants smaller than 1 MW. In 2022, Finland scaled up, adding 200 MW of new solar capacity and reaching 600 MW of cumulative capacity. This year, Finland has been projected to double in market volume to add 400 MW of new PV projects. Anyone closely following industry headlines can predict these numbers to rise further soon, as several projects of more than 100 MW a piece have been announced in recent months. Fingrid, Finland’s TSO, estimates that as much as 7 GW of PV capacity could be operational in Finland by 2030. 

Catching the attention of a growing number of European players, the Finnish market hasn’t proven itself to be the easiest market to enter. Increasingly, utility-scale developers and IPPs have started collaborating with local stakeholders, as navigating local permitting and regulations remains challenging without a knowledgeable local partner. The Solarplaza Summit Finland focuses on establishing exactly those links, connecting local know-how with international expertise and capital. The presentations and discussions will focus on Finnish market updates, the permitting framework, and practical advice for local project development. 

Join the Solarplaza Summit Finland to benefit from the rich blend of local expertise and Solarplaza's extensive network of global investors; seize the opportunity to explore the evolving Finnish PV landscape; and uncover new horizons for sustainable energy growth.

Solarplaza Summit Finland
7 December 2023 - Helsinki
Tickets: €645 (Regular)
Press contact: [email protected]
More info can be found on our event webpage


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