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Making Long-Term Last: Insights into Corporate PPA Structures

with Stella Mavrommati (CMS Law)

Corporate PPAs have become a prominent trend, offering businesses a means to protect themselves against rising electricity costs while advancing their decarbonization goals. Simultaneously, they enable solar asset owners to optimize returns and leverage their market positions.

Long-term corporate PPAs have evolved to provide greater flexibility in mitigating rising electricity expenses, especially in times of unpredictable market fluctuations.

This webinar was held in October 2023, but the recordings are still available!

Stella Mavrommati

Senior Associate

However, what happens to a long-term contract when circumstances change? Things like changes in the legal and regulatory framework that disrupt the contract's economic balance or alterations in the "design of the energy market", to name just two examples.

In this context, this webinar will take us on a deep-dive into the change in law clauses in PPAs and will examine relevant ongoing developments and trends as well as how this relief was used in the context of long-term corporate PPAs when EU member states introduced price caps amidst the recent energy crisis.

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