Battery Storage Germany

Germany's Energy Storage Market Unveiled

with Jan Figgener (RWTH Aachen University) , Celina Gundlach as moderator (Solarplaza)

Mark your calendar for September 28th and register for our insightful webinar featuring Jan Figgener, Head of Grid Integration & Storage System Analysis at RWTH Aachen University. Jan will provide an in-depth look into Germany's energy storage landscape, covering essential topics that are shaping the future. 

This webinar was held in September 2023, but the recordings are still available!

Explore the staggering storage capacity already in place, encompassing home storage systems, commercial applications, and large-scale projects supporting the grid. Gain insights into the evolution of battery technologies, with a spotlight on the prevalence of lithium-ion batteries. Jan will also analyze the regional distribution of storage systems across Germany, giving you a better understanding of where these technologies are making an impact.

Jan Figgener

Visiting Senior Scientist

Celina Gundlach

Project Manager


This webinar is your opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the energy storage sector. Register now to secure your spot and gain a competitive edge in the industry!

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