White Paper

11 September 2023


Battery Storage Germany

Estimated reading time: 10 min

Germany's Large-scale Energy Storage Market

Germany's energy storage landscape is rapidly evolving, with over 8 GWh of operational battery energy storage (BES) capacity reached by mid-2023. Our White Paper provides an in-depth exploration of this thriving market, focusing on large-scale storage's pivotal role in Germany's energy transition (Energiewende) and its impact on renewable energy integration and grid stability.

Within this document, we dissect the diverse revenue streams available to large-scale BES, including ancillary services, renewable energy integration, industrial energy supply, multi-use operation, and more. Real-world project examples illustrate how these revenue streams are being harnessed by industry leaders.

For a deeper dive into these topics, join us at the Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Germany on November 23rd in Cologne.

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