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Optimizing Renewable Energy Portfolios Through Effective Asset Management

with Erik Nitschke (Amperecloud) , Stefan Müller (Enerparc AG)

Highlighted in our recent publication, "Top 50 European Solar Portfolios 2023," Enerparc proudly stands as a beacon of European portfolio ownership. During our webinar, Stefan Müller, the esteemed Shareholder & COO of Enerparc AG, delves into the pivotal role of effective asset management in optimizing renewable energy portfolios. 

This webinar was held in September 2023, but the recordings are still available!

In this webinar, we will unveil how transformative technology is reshaping the landscape of renewable energy asset management. Gain valuable insights from Erik Nitschke, CTO & Co-Founder of Amperecloud, as he discusses the significance of monitoring, maintenance, data management, and reporting in overcoming customer challenges, ensuring operational efficiency, and maximizing returns.

Whether you're an industry veteran, a newcomer, or just curious about the latest advancements, this webinar is your gateway to understanding the future of renewable energy management. For an even deeper dive, join us for our two-day conference on 17 and 18 October, at the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe. There, numerous industry leaders will share their perspectives on how you can harness the full potential of your renewable energy portfolio.

Erik Nitschke

CTO & Co-Founder

Stefan Müller

Shareholder & COO

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