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2 August 2023


Battery Storage Utility-scale Germany

Ushering in the Era of Large-Scale Energy Storage in Germany

Solarplaza Summit unites RE professionals to map out the role of storage in the ‘Energiewende’

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 2 August 2023 - Efficiently storing energy for later usage is key for the energy transition (Energiewende) and the EU's ambitions for a 'green future'. Still, too little attention has been paid to large-scale energy storage. Focusing on Germany's pivotal role in the global energy transition, the Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Germany 2023, hosted on 23 November in Cologne, will explore the challenges and opportunities of integrating energy storage solutions into Germany’s evolving energy landscape.

Halfway through 2023, over 8 GWh of battery energy capacity was operational in Germany. Though the primary use of energy storage continues to be for home storage, ancillary services, and RE integration, more projects - often planned by TSOs - are now planned for the purpose of being grid boosters. As mature solar markets around the globe are reaching scale and claiming larger shares of the power mix, so too are electricity grids struggling to absorb the fluctuating power input from inherently-intermittent green generation sources like solar and wind. Energy storage remains one of the most simple, significant, and effective solutions to this challenge. With it, excess energy can be stored at peak production times and discharged at moments of high demand, allowing for more intelligent and efficient distribution, and many opportunities to enhance business models through effective energy trading. 

Still, concerns relating to costs, supply chains, resources, and technology have long slowed down the rapid build-out of large-scale energy storage, even in a front-running market like Germany, which - at this moment - holds about 36% of the overall European battery storage market. This is about to change, and Solarplaza has invited the brightest minds in the industry to explain how. The Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Germany features energy associations, grid operators, analysts, academics, and developers who will share insights on grid stability, energy security, and policy. Practical business case studies will highlight lessons learned from storage projects, including business models, cost analysis, and operational considerations. During interactive sessions, financiers and investors will discuss the bankability of storage projects and new revenue streams. 

Amidst advancements in storage technologies, especially lithium-ion batteries, experts will discuss integrating battery energy storage systems (BESS) into existing systems, addressing supply chain constraints, system health, and diversification of the technology mix. Participants can connect with industry professionals, share ideas, and form potential collaborations, as industry experts share their perspectives on the future of energy storage projects and the role they play in shaping the RE landscape in the German market and beyond.

Solarplaza Summit Energy Storage Germany
23 November 2023 - Cologne (Köln), Germany
Tickets: €995 (Early Bird) / €1095 (Regular)
Press contact: [email protected]
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