Press Release

3 May 2023


Ramping Up Solar Growth in Portugal’s Budding Market

Portugal’s large renewables ambitions to be mapped out at high-level industry event

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 5 May 2023 -  Portugal is targeting 9 GW of solar capacity and an 80% share of renewables in the power mix by 2026. To achieve this, it will have to seriously stimulate its national solar industry and ramp up solar growth. How? Market experts, industry players, and solar professionals from the Portuguese solar space and beyond will discuss the associated challenges and opportunities at the Solarplaza Summit Portugal on 22 September 2023 in Lisbon. 

Despite often reaching over 50% of renewable energy production, only ~6% of Portugal’s renewable power output comes from solar. Another sobering stat is the fact that Portugal’s cumulative PV capacity by the end of last year - 2.59 GW - was lower than the capacity that neighboring Spain (3.4 GW) and even not-so-sunny The Netherlands (3.0 GW) added just over the course of that single year. Boasting the highest solar radiation in Europe, Portugal has huge PV potential, so what is needed to accelerate the solar revolution? 

Investing in new technologies such as energy storage, floating solar, and green hydrogen, and simplifying the permitting process for new projects without sacrificing the environmental needs of the country are necessary updates to make. The good news? All these different strategies are being worked on and the Portuguese government is investing in the country's renewable future. Portugal’s new regulatory framework and the modernization of its administrative processes are important steps in achieving an improved permitting process, and therefore, an accelerated deployment rate of renewable energy sources. A striking example: Europe's biggest solar park - at a whopping 1.2 GW - is being built in Santiago do Cacém, Portugal! 

Solarplaza is excited to return to this land of possibilities for the 5th edition of this event. The Solarplaza Summit Portugal will once again provide the premier platform to explore the new technologies that are being invested in as well as emphasize the importance of the self-consumption solar market in Portugal, and the updates being made to the national grid. The sun is shining in Portugal and we need to be ready to harness its power by fostering knowledge-sharing and network-building!

Solarplaza Summit Portugal
22 September 2023 - Lisbon, Portugal
Tickets: € 945 
Press contact: [email protected]
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