30 June 2023


Hybrid Storage Asset Management Europe

Exploring the Impact of Storage & Hybridization on European Solar Asset Management - Webinar Recap

On 7 June 2023, we hosted the webinar Exploring the Impact of Storage & Hybridization on European Solar Asset Management. For this insightful discussion, which served as a prologue to the upcoming 11th edition of our flagship event the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe, taking place in Frankfurt on 17 and 18 October 2023, we heard from expert speakers Susan Taylor, Senior Analyst – Batteries and Energy Storage at S&P Global, and Marek Kubik, Sales Managing Director at Fluence. Our speakers provided distinct, albeit aligned, perspectives on energy storage and RE hybridization in the European solar market context. These topics were once again emphasized as significant drivers of the ongoing energy transition throughout Europe, and their impact on traditional solar asset management practices was highlighted and thoroughly explained. The webinar was moderated by Celina Gundlach, Project Manager at Solarplaza.

After a short introduction by Celina Gundlach, Susan Taylor was the first to present. Taylor, who has experience in energy storage markets not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East and Africa, began by underlining Europe’s fast energy transition, as, today, renewables account for 23% of the continent’s energy production, and this percentage is expected to more than double by 2030. To ensure this, the industry must improve upon storage solutions. Taylor spoke on the existing storage landscape in Europe and, in particular, storage application evolution, new grid opportunities, and future deployment trajectories. Her presentation aligned with S&P Global’s mission to empower customers to make well-informed decisions by grasping cause and effect, risk, and opportunities, as they leverage vast intelligence and data to offer professional insights across various capital-intensive industries.

Following Taylor’s presentation, Marek Kubik shared his insights too. He has over a decade of experience in clean energy technology and is a founding member and managing director of the energy technology company Fluence. Kubik exposed how digital tools can maximize solar and storage hybrid project’s performance, and increase return on investment in storage and renewable assets. He stated that the adoption of next-generation software is pivotal in securing Europe's energy transition, as it unlocks the inherent value within the data-to-action process. This enables the acquisition of comprehensive insights in a swifter and more streamlined manner. Kubik's presentation embodied Fluence's mission to revolutionize the energy landscape and forge a sustainable future through innovative power solutions such as the company’s asset performance management software Nispera.

Here are some of our key takeaways from the webinar:

💡 European solar asset management is on the right track to a bright future. Undoubtedly, there are challenges to overcome, but, given the forecasted installation of more than 120 GW of energy storage in the continent by 2030, the European solar asset management industry has very good reason to stride ahead with confidence.

💡 The continent’s energy crisis has been a wake-up call for the storage sector. The energy crisis in Europe kicked the continent’s renewable energy ambitions into high gear, as well as the need for energy independence and security. For this, renewable build-out and storage solutions are indispensable.

💡 Intermittent renewables call for clean and flexible storage solutions. The integration of intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind power, into Europe’s energy system, has brought forth a compelling requirement for clean and flexible solutions - namely, energy storage solutions.

💡 Managing a storage asset is challenging, but, if done well, rewarding. Operating a storage asset is more complex than ever, as optimizing revenue potential whilst considering battery degradation and system lifetime is no easy feat. However, as investors are softening when it comes to overlooking risks and may go as far as debt financing, it may present profitable opportunities if leveraged well.

💡 The future of European solar asset management is digital. As storage asset management grows more arduous, digital solutions can assist. Namely, software and automation tools may provide essential shortcuts when it comes to efficient battery operation and decision-making in storage.

💡 The market is (still) evolving, and staying up to speed is crucial. Energy storage is going through a moment in Europe, and, with it, new markets, such as frequency restoration reserves (FRR), are emerging. To not miss out on additional revenue opportunities, it is crucial to remain informed and up-to-date. Register for the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe to continue gathering fresh insights into solar asset management from the industry’s best.

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