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The Recent Trends and Developments in the Nordic PPA Market

with Mikkel Kring (Our New Energy)

The Scandinavian region is leading the well-established European trend of signing corporate PPA deals. Together with Mikkel Kring, Partner at Our New Energy, we dive into the peculiarities, prices and different structures of PPA deals being signed in the Nordic markets will set a trend for the European PPA market.

As Mikkel will be joined by the other major stakeholders involved at the Solarplaza Summit Nordics on September 28, we will be breaking down a recent PPA contract signed in the region with a major corporate offtaker. The topics of PPAs in the Nordics market will be examined with a deep dive case study at Solarplaza Summit Nordics, with a real life example of a corporate PPA structured and executed in the region.

This webinar was held in June 2023, but the recordings are still available!

Mikkel Kring


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