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Exploring the Impact of Storage & Hybridization on European Solar Asset Management

with Susan Taylor (S&P Global Commodity Insights) , Marek Kubik (FLUENCE)

Join us for an insightful Solarplaza webinar on the 7th of June, during which we’ll delve into the crucial topics of energy storage and RE hybridization in the European solar market context, highlighting their significance as key drivers of the ongoing energy transition and their impact on traditional solar asset management practices.

As a prologue to our flagship event, the Solarplaza Summit Asset Management Europe (taking place in Frankfurt on the 17th and 18th of October), we invite you to gain valuable knowledge and insights from key industry experts.

We are delighted to have Susan Taylor, Senior Analyst – Batteries and Energy Storage at S&P Global, as our first speaker. Susan will provide an in-depth analysis of recent storage trends in Europe. Her presentation will highlight the evolution of energy storage in Europe, grid opportunities, and future deployment trajectories. S&P Global leverages vast intelligence and data to offer integrated perspectives across capital-intensive industries. Their expert team empowers customers to make well-informed decisions by understanding cause and effect, risk, and opportunity.

Our second speaker, Marek Kubik, Sales Managing Director at Fluence, will share practical insights on storage technologies and their collocations with renewable generation assets. He will also discuss the growing role of additional digital services in ensuring maximum performance and increasing the return on investment in storage and renewable assets. Fluence enables the global clean energy transition with market-leading energy storage products and services, and digital applications for renewables and storage, including Nispera – an assets performance management software.

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Susan Taylor

Senior Analyst, Batteries & Energy Storage

Marek Kubik

Sales Managing Director

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