PPAs Pricing Dynamics Italy

Impact of Rising Inflation & Interest Rates on Italian PV Asset Pricing Dynamics

with Luca Matrone (Intesa Sanpaolo), Tommaso Barbetti (Elemens), Filippo Stefanelli (Acea Group), Raffaele Ciotta (Glennmont Partners), Carlo Montella (Green Horse Advisory)

Over the past year, solar PV asset pricing has undergone dramatic fluctuations, especially when it comes to projects under development. The initial rise in ask prices was matched by increased PPA terms, which created attractive opportunities for project developers. As prices are stabilizing and slowly reverting to their long-run means, prices are still subject to a high inflation scenario with rising interest rates in the Eurozone.

This webinar was held in March 2023, but the recordings are still available!

Carlo Montella

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Filippo Stefanelli

Managing Director Renewables

Luca Matrone

Global Head of Energy

Raffaele Ciotta

Director, Equity Investments

Tommaso Barbetti


Watch the webinar recordings to discover the predictions and modeling scenarios for Italian PV assets in the short and medium run, as explained from the perspective of leading market advisors, investment firms, and lending institutions operating in the Italian PV market. 

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