Solar Insurance 101

with Jason Kaminsky (kWh Analytics), Lindsey Chang (Marsh), Jaime Carlson (SB Energy (USA))

With the solar industry maturing, industry stakeholders have started spending considerable effort on the topic of risk management and insurance. More extreme weather conditions have seen risks and costs go up for solar asset investors and owners. Solar insurance is growing into an industry of its own - and a complicated one to navigate.

In this webinar, we are welcoming kWh Analytics, SB Energy and Marsh, who will break down the complexities of the insurance landscape, with a primer on how underwriters evaluate a submission and the key terms and conditions to look out for. We will also touch upon topics such as pricing trends and portfolio assessment and consider the implications of these for asset managers.

This webinar was held in March 2023, but the recordings are still available!

Jaime Carlson

Head Commercialization & Market Risk

Jason Kaminsky


Lindsey Chang

Power & Renewable Client Executive and Leader

Specifically, in the webinar we will cover the following:

  • Solar insurance pricing trends
  • Property insurance - How does an underwriter assess a portfolio?
  • How to prepare your submission as an asset manager?

In addition to learning more about these topics, our 1-hour webinar will also allow you to ask your most pressing questions to our industry experts. Not only that, but by laying out the basics in this Insurance 101, you will be fully up to speed on the topic in time for the Solarplaza Solar Asset Management North America 2023!

To learn more about

the topic beyond this webinar,

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