White Paper

13 February 2023


Legislation Regulatory Framework RES Solar PV Permitting

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The Outlook for Romanian Utility-Scale Solar PV Projects

With a national climate plan in place to push the market towards 4.6 GW of solar PV by 2030, now it is the time to enter the rapidly blossoming Romanian PV market. Join the Solarplaza Summit Romania in Bucharest, on 27 April 2023, to gather local know-how on large-scale project development in Romania and kickstart your local network.

In recent years, the government of Romania has been stepping up its efforts to create beneficial policies for the promotion of renewable energy. These renewable energy sources will be key to having the country meet its decarbonization targets and fulfill the European Union-subscribed desire to improve its energy security by reducing reliance on imported oil and other fossil fuels. In order to foster the deployment of renewable energy projects, such as wind, solar, biomass, bioliquids, and biogas energy production capacities and electricity storage units (“RES Projects”), the Romanian parliament is constantly trying to upgrade the legislation to meet these desires.

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