Self-consumption Spain

Why is everyone talking about self-consumption?

with Roberto Pardal (Our New Energy) , Xavier Cugat (Holaluz) , Fernando Romero (EiDF Solar)

On the 5th of October of 2018, the Spanish government passed a landmark and historic decree (Real Decreto-ley 15/2018) that eliminated the notorious "sun tax" and paved the way for self-consumption. Self-consumption has sparked a lot of interest not only in the industry but among the broader media as well. Is self-consumption a game-changer or just a nibble in the market? What does this mean for all industry stakeholders?

This webinar was held in October 2020, but the recordings are still available!

Roberto Pardal

Sr. Energy Advisor

Xavier Cugat

Technical Director

Fernando Romero

General Manager

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Just how big is the self-consumption market?
  • ROIs for investors and main considerations for the private sector.
  • A pioneering view and the experience of 1500 installations by Holaluz.
  • A review of the latest regulations and incentives.

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