White Paper

15 January 2020


North America

Estimated reading time: 10 min

The INS & OUTS of Optimizing & Operating Storage

It certainly seems that there is a news headline nearly every day on the potential applications of energy storage and its ability to revolutionize the way we generate and consume energy. This growing interest in the technology has been bolstered by shrinking costs of storage- particularly battery storage- the intermittent nature of renewables, better policies which make storage deployment that much more prudent. When it comes to the O&M side of the asset management equation, operations accounts for a higher degree of complexity as the system needs to be operated to achieve what has been promised to the end customer.

There is a lot more in store for the storage story. Storage is already marking an impact on the grid and its reliability. Nevertheless, before we can decipher whether storage is the bacon of the grid or any other topping of your choosing, it is important to go beyond the hype and master the art of operating storage assets. This white paper is intended to shed light on this topic, focusing primarily on battery storage systems while providing an overview of other existing energy storage technologies and projects across the US.

What’s inside?

  • State of the energy storage market
  • Recap of the existing storage technologies
  • Overview of operational projects across the US
  • De-risking battery performance through warranties
  • O&M considerations to yield healthy returns

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