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Strengthening Dutch Energy Resilience: Overcoming the Complexities of Energy Storage

with Jan Willem Zwang (Stratergy)

There are some certainties regarding the future of the Dutch energy market: (1) there will be an increasing influx of renewables into the grid; (2) energy demand will grow; and (3) grid constraints are part of our reality. Already in 2021, 33% of the electricity production in the Netherlands came from renewables, a 22% increase from 2020. Undoubtedly, the continued build-out of intermittent power sources will require innovative solutions and technologies such as energy storage to mitigate their fluctuating power production.

This webinar was held in January 2023, but the recordings are still available!

Jan Willem Zwang

Energy Trendwatcher

The involved technologies are not new, but the creation of profitable and successful business cases in the Dutch context is still very much under trial. There is a clear need for knowledge exchange and lessons learned from market and storage experts. Join this energy storage webinar to find out:

  • Is storage the ideal way to support flexibility in energy markets and, if so, will implementing storage solutions with renewable energy projects become the norm?
  • What are the main storage trends in the Netherlands and how can you begin building a successful business case to present to the DNO/TSO?
  • What does future planning look like for Dutch grid operators and does storage feature prominently in those scenarios?

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