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EV + Rooftop PV: The Perfect Match

with Nienke Onnen (Natuur & Milieu) , Wiebe Jan Emsbroek (Sunrock) , Jan Willem de Jong (iwell) , Frannie Flinterman (Solarplaza)

A true transition to green electric mobility would be to charge the vehicles with sustainable solar energy. Local generation and local consumption of renewable energy is also beneficial to grid issues we’re facing at the moment. Corporates, especially in distribution and logistics, often have ample rooftop space to combine PV generation with EV charging of their cars, vans and trucks. 

This webinar was held in December 2022, but the recordings are still available!

Nienke Onnen

Senior Project Leader

Wiebe Jan Emsbroek

Head of Development

Jan Willem de Jong

Founder and Director BD

Frannie Flinterman

Project Manager

Join this webinar to learn how to turn the challenge of electrifying your corporate car fleet into an opportunity of building a more sustainable business. Get practical insights and learnings from first movers that combined PV generation, electricity storage and EV charging in profitable business cases.


  • 5 mins - Opening/welcome (Frannie Flinterman, Project Manager Solarplaza)
  • 20 mins - Sustainable distribution centers: a good starting point for electrifying logistics (Nienke van Onnen, Natuur & Milieu)
  • 20 mins - Defining the business case for corporate investments in EV + storage + PV (Wiebe Jan Emsbroek, Sunrock and Jan Willen de Jong, Iwell)
  • 15 mins - Q&A

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