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The Road to Zero-Emission Smart Mobility

with Hanna van Sambeek (ElaadNL) , Graham Evans (S&P Global Mobility) , Annabel van Zante (APPM Management Consultants) , Edwin Koot (Solarplaza)

We are in the midst of a complete shift in the way we drive, transport goods and fuel our mobility needs. The enormous growth in the number of electric vehicles over the next years will have a big impact on electricity demand. At the same time the smart use of car batteries and connection to the grid can offer a solution to big congestion issues we’re now facing. 

This webinar was held in December 2022, but the recordings are still available!

Hanna van Sambeek

Project Manager Smart Charging

Graham Evans


Annabel van Zante


Edwin Koot


Tune into this webinar to find out how the EV market is developing, what the current status of the grid infrastructure in the Netherlands looks like and what this means when electrifying and charging your corporate vehicle fleet on your premises. Learn how smart and bidirectional charging offers flexibility to the electricity grid and to the business case for your company.

Outline of the webinar:

  • 5 mins - Opening/welcome (Edwin Koot, CEO Solarplaza)
  • 15 mins - EV market trends & forecasts (Graham Evans, S&P Global)
  • 15 mins - Is our grid and charging infrastructure ready for the EV revolution (Annabel van Zante)
  • 15 mins - Unlocking the grid flexibility potential of EV Batteries (Hanna van Sambeek)
  • 10 mins - Q&A

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