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How to get started with EV + PV

with Jos Thomaes (Green Mobility Partner) , Hielke Schurer (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)) , Robert Koole (Koolen Industries) , Ynte de Vries (Koolen Industries) , Nienke Onnen (Natuur & Milieu)

The winning combo of EV + PV offers excellent business opportunities for corporates. Coupling local energy generation (solar) with local consumption (EV charging) ensures less dependence on the congested grid, saves energy costs, and - when done smartly - can generate additional revenues. Although the sustainable and financial benefits are evident, it's still not that clear how to best get started and how to create financial impact. In this webinar, we will share a step-by-step approach to getting ready. We'll give you a complete overview of the economic and fiscal incentives available at a national and local level. And we'll make sure you get inspired to take the next step by providing concrete examples of EV+PV projects.

This webinar was held in November 2022, but the recordings are still available!

Jos Thomaes

e-Mobility expert

Hielke Schurer

Advisor Sustainable Mobility

Robert Koole

Chief Development Officer

Ynte de Vries

Chief Operational Officer

Nienke Onnen

Senior Project Leader

Key topics of the webinar:

  • Green mobility and zero emission zones: how to prepare for the future?
  • Economic and Fiscal support to start with EV + PV
  • Example projects of EV + PV


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