1 March 2021


We are Solarplaza Consultancy

Author: Marcel Langone

Throughout its 17 years of existence, Solarplaza has connected thousands of PV professionals in all corners of the world. Our events and online efforts have steadily shaped a knowledge platform that catalyzes innovation, sets market trends and develops the next generation of industry leaders. The mission that has continuously run through Solarplaza’s efforts is "to positively impact the world by accelerating the sustainable energy transition", and we believe we have been doing so during these incredible years of growth of the solar industry.

Solarplaza Consultancy reinforces this mission. With our focus on supporting solar companies to accelerate their impact and growth one challenge at a time, we embrace the industry’s needs in a multi-disciplinary and holistic manner, while remaining the trusted solar partner we have come to be known for. 

We position stakeholders along the value chain to effectively achieve their market expansion ambitions to new geographies, segments and services. Clients range from developers, owners and investors to manufacturers and service providers. Our market entry and market penetration solutions harness 17 years of know-how and network to provide market intelligence, partnership origination and marketing services.

With over 1500 GW of global cumulative capacity expected to have come online by the end of the decade, we understand that it can be both exciting and daunting to gaze out over the immense sea of opportunities. Time and resources are limited. The potential routes to follow are endless. We can help you navigate the course forward by prioritizing your growth strategy, by tailoring your proposition to the market and by connecting you with the industry leaders to partner with. 

To all our partners: we hope to continue this exciting journey together. To all of our peers in the solar industry: we hope you choose to walk alongside us on the road towards impact and growth.

Solarplaza & Solarplaza Consultancy

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