Licensing Solar PV Project Development Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Utility-scale

Adeus Licensing Risk 👋 Accelerating Portuguese PV Development

with Ana Margarida Magina (QUADRANTE Group), Miguel Luz (Akuo Energy), Marco Alves (MTX Solar)

There are clear indications from the Portuguese government that they are betting strongly on solar and recognize its added value to the economy and to the decarbonization efforts of the country. However, this goodwill is yet to be translated into actionable items that aid developers and solar energy enthusiasts on their mission to develop more solar projects in the country.

This webinar was held in September 2022, but the recordings are still available!

Ana Margarida Magina

Head Environment

Marco Alves

Managing Director

Miguel Luz

Senior Development Manager

Rather than wait for adjustments to the current regulation and for processes to fall into place, join this webinar to find out what can be actioned out now: 

  • What licensing challenges have current projects been facing and how have they overcome them?
  • Strategies to mitigate licensing risk in solar development in Portugal.
  • Overview of the most recent regulatory changes and what is expected to come.
  • How to gain clarity and transparency on the licensing process and timelines in Portugal.
  • Requirements from REN, APA, and the DGEG.

To learn more about

the topic beyond this webinar,

join Solarplaza Summit Portugal on 22 September, taking place in Lisbon.

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