Post-Show Report

6 May 2022


Solar Asset Management Europe 2021

On 15-16 September 2021, over 200 European renewable energy players gathered for the 9th edition of The Solar Asset Management Europe Conference. Solarplaza was joined with more than 50 inspirational speakers, and facilitated endless networking opportunities for professionals from across the value chain in an action-packed two day conference.

Together with leading industry experts, we were able to curate a tailor-made program for high-level stakeholders. This physical conference covered topics such as the digitalization of solar assets, the future of energy storage, proposed solutions for grid challenges, asset management developments, and many other topics that affect the European solar market. 

We are looking forward to bringing together leading solar professionals for our 2022 edition, where we’ll be diving deeper into the challenges and solutions related to the operational phase of solar. Asset management best practices, the hardening insurance market, as well as solutions to the supply chain constraints and ageing solar fleet, will be discussed next edition.

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