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The Italian Solar Belt Initiative Under the New Energy Decree

with Paolo Rocco Viscontini (ITALIA SOLARE)

With a new package of measures introduced under the 'DL Energia decree' in March, the Italian Government aims to reduce energy bills for Italian households and businesses, greatly simplifying permitting for commercial systems in the process. In addition, a sizeable budget has been made available to help SMEs deploy PV systems for self-consumption. Rewatch the recordings of our recent webinar with Italia Solare's president, Paolo Rocco Viscontini, to learn about the impact of the revised decree

This webinar was held in June 2022, but the recordings are still available!

Paolo Rocco Viscontini


We touched upon topics like:

  • How the latest Energy Decree is expected to give a boost to PV installations not requiring additional authorizations
  • The introduction of new areas available for immediate PV development
  • How businesses can take advantage of the new self-consumption measure know as the 'Linea Diretta'

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the topic beyond this webinar,

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