3 May 2022


Solar PV Project Development Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Utility-scale Financing

The Financial and Technological PV Trends in France

with Alexandre Danthine (Aurora Energy Research)

"We are seeing a jump in Solar projects, and the pipeline is increasing year after year. So the future is brighter than before". - Alexander Danthine

However, in order to reach this bright future, France needs to accelerate its current rate of PV projects with innovative approaches and supportive financial schemes.

In this Up-Close, Alexandre Danthine (Senior Associate at Aurora Research) gives his view on the trends that are defining the French PV market. He shares his expertise on topics such as financing solar projects, auctions, subsidies, tariffs and PPAs. Moreover, Alexandre also dives into innovations that are diversifying the nature of PV projects, for example, to overcome land use issues. One innovative solution is Agri-PV, combining agriculture and energy production. Alexandre also mentions Co-Location of solar and wind-PV, batteries or electrolyzer.

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