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Challenges & Opportunities for RES in the Romanian Electricity Market

with Laurentiu Urluescu (AFEER)

The Romanian electricity market is undergoing major structural changes. Since 2021, the generation segment has fully been liberalized, following the elimination of the regulated segment of the wholesale electricity market. In response to the latest increase in electricity prices, the Romanian government has introduced an 80% windfall tax for renewable and low-carbon electricity producers that applies to revenue gained from prices higher than €91/MWh. This creates some new challenges for RE-oriented companies active in the Romanian market.

This webinar was held in March 2022, but the recordings are still available!

Laurentiu Urluescu


Listen in on our webinar, featuring the president of the Romanian Energy Suppliers Association (AFEER), to learn about the impact of these changes on Romania's PV market. The young market has plotted a steep trajectory of growth. Will these challenges cloud Romania's sun and rain on the PV parade or can they be properly mitigated, in order to maintain Romania's big solar potential?

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