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The Intersection of Grid Congestion and Storage Deployment

with Chiem Ringers (Liander) , Lars Rupert (Giga Storage)

Decreasing technology costs coupled with improved regulatory conditions fuel a promising kickstart for the Dutch energy storage market. However, as the industry continues to mature, new problems will have to be tackled and creative solutions will need to be deployed in order to mitigate the issues related to today's renewable energy sources - grid capacity being the most pressing one.

This webinar was held in March 2022, but the recordings are still available!

Chiem Ringers


Lars Rupert

Founding Partner & CFRO

During this webinar, we took a closer look at the grid constraints the industry faces - from the grid operator's perspective, as well as the asset owner's perspective. It is imperative for these two parties to understand each other's pain points in order to find a feasible solution that is both technically and financially sound.

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