12 January 2022


Rooftop Solar Solar PV Project Development Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Utility-scale

A Close Look At The Development Of C&i Rooftop Solar Projects In Italy

In this new T.RE.nd talk interview with Trina Solar's Maria Giovanna Gaglione, we dove deeper into the potential for large-scale solar rooftop development in the Italian PV market. Land scarcity is an increasingly important topic in Italy, leading both to higher costs for land acquisition and more negative sentiment towards ground-based solar development on land fit for agricultural usage. Large-scale rooftop solar could be the answer. This conversation focused on: 

  • The overall logic of a shift towards larger commercial & industrial (C&I) rooftop solar installations.
  • The financing gap that needs to be overcome in a financing landscape more geared towards traditional ground-mounted utility-scale PV plants.
  • The maturity of module technology that can meet the low-cost and high-wattage requirements of rooftop projects. 

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