6 January 2022


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Financing Dutch Solar Projects: Insights Into the Changing Landscape

Author: Solarplaza

Webinar /// 27 January 2022 / 10:00-11:00 CET
The Dutch solar PV market shows no sign of slowing down and solar PV plants keep popping up all over the map. One thing that is changing, however, is the way they’re being financed. This topic will be the focus of our upcoming webinar, organized in the run-up to the Solarplaza Summit Netherlands 2022.

A big factor in the recent boom of the Dutch solar market has been the successful SDE++ subsidy scheme. However, its allocated subsidies are being phased out on annual basis and can no longer meet the large interest. In 2021, out of €12bln worth of applications, just €5bln was granted. Regardlessly, the country has never before seen such large amounts of money being invested in solar projects, coming both from international investors and IPPs, as well as national banks. In addition, third-party financing and PPA contracts are expected to become more and more common in the short term, while other new arrangements - like ESCo-financing (Energy Service Company) - are being tried out as well. 


To make sense of the changing financial landscape, we’ve invited two Dutch solar market experts to share their takes; Willem Biesheuvel and Floris Leuftink. Willem is Head of Project Management at GroenLeven, one of the country’s largest project developers, and Floris is Investment Director at Klimaatfonds Nederland, a well-established Dutch investment fund.
Join us for this webinar and benefit from their input on questions like: 

  • - Which types of projects are most likely to still get their SDE++ applications granted and which aren’t?
  • - What should project developers and investors take into account, now that the subsidy scheme is phasing out and investments will increasingly have to be of a private nature?
  • - Which new forms of financing are already feasible? Is the Dutch market ready for PPAs?




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