Up Close with Solarplaza: José María Lujambio - How will Reforms impact Mexico's Future?

“The Mexican solar generation and electricity market is facing one of its biggest challenges in its history.”

Watch Alfonso and José María Lujambio, Energy Practice Director at CCN Law, discuss the current state of the Mexican solar market.

The discussion tackles topics such as:

  • What the new energy reform could mean for asset owners and generators alike.
  • Will the energy reform pass in its current state?
  • What are the next steps in order to approve or dispute this reform?

Interested in hearing a more in-depth discussion on this topic? Sign up for our webinar on the 2nd of December where José María Lujambio, and solar market experts will discuss the possible effects of this energy reform on both the utility-scale generators and the distributed generation players.

The webinar will be in Spanish, however, the recordings will be made available with English subtitles.